12 positions to celebrate the new year 2021

12 Sex Positions to Celebrate the New Year 2021

January 12, 2021

The time has come to receive a new year and hopes that it has more enjoyable experiences unlike the one we are closing, that is why we present you new sexual positions, which you can try tonight or throughout 2021.

It is necessary to clarify that not all refer to heterosexual couples many can be practised between people of the same gender. We start with a partner.

1. About the Furniture

Taking advantage of dinner, integrate dinner into your ritual and eat more than desserts and grapes. This position allows more stimulation of the vulva and provides flexibility for the person on the furniture to direct the intensity and rhythm.

2. Leg to Shoulder

12 positions to celebrate the new year 2021

Speaking of dinner, the legs on top allow you to enjoy more of the view of your partner stimulating areas such as the perineum and/or anus, do not forget the lubricant for greater exploration and enjoyment.

3.Oral Flavours


Don't miss out on the beautiful habit of kissing all over the body, including the genitals, you can add flavour with our stimulating balms for oral sex.

4.Threesome with a vibrator

This position allows a slim vibrator-like wave or a clitoral sucker like melt to be stimulating while genital friction or some penetration occurs. To enjoy with a third member.

5. A soft four

If in four moments you feel the penetration of the penis or toy very deep, this position will help to feel it smoother and without pain, it also curves the back a little to have a little more movement in the hips.

6. Head to chest

Remember to enjoy other areas of your partner's body, in this, you can kiss his chest and neck, while the legs can be bent and pushed for more rhythmic movements. Ideal for those who like the idea of ​​having very romantic sex.

Now we present you sexual poses to enjoy, with your little body or sex toys, these are dedicated to women who begin on this path of being filled with pleasure.

7. The standing Goddess

Learn to see yourself looking at your whole body, including what we are not taught to see. Stand in front of a mirror, look at yourself and recognize all your shapes and sizes. Make small circular movements and gentle strokes.

8. The queen of the throne

Place a chair and test caresses or vibrations of a toy between your vulvar lips. Try different intensities and rhythms.

9.The side step

On the side with your own movements and tightening your legs and your vulva, Remember that vibrators for clitoris can accompany you in this position.

10. Eagle upside down

With your head towards the void, stimulate the areas that you like the most, let the adrenaline do its part to prevent you from falling.

11. Starfish

Try it with your legs open and elevated, you will try new sensations and things to make love to you, combine stimulation with toys that you can control with an application for greater movement.

12. The swing

Which swing let yourself go from back to front, here you can make use of a button that imitates movements similar to penetration so that you perceive a completely different stimulation.

Try them and let us know which one has been your favourite.