3 Basic Points to Understand Tantric Sex

3 Basic Points to Understand Tantric Sex

March 05, 2021

Sexual encounters can be seen in some people as a superficial moment where only the relationship of bodies and genitals counts to reach orgasm. The desire may be present and although it is pleasant to have these immediate enjoyments, sexual encounters go beyond the physical.

Tantric sex comes to show a bigger picture and take up that sharing with a person is not only physically, but also spiritually.

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We present these 3 basic points to understand what tantric sex is.


  1. Sex is not just about genitals and bodies intermingling for a moment. It is also based on a connection with a person, living and enjoying the here and now. And how is that? It consists of not resorting to thoughts about the future or what has happened before. It is to achieve full concentration to live in the present and enjoy it with what may happen.
  2. Goodbye taboos and prejudices. Taking care of yourself reflects how you show yourself and others. Based on beauty and sexual stereotypes, we can look at ourselves from the defects or expectations that we believe we have to fulfil. Thinking about our performance or if our body is sensual limits us from enjoying and surrendering ourselves to that moment. For this reason, tantric sex proposes reflection from self-knowledge and self-esteem.
  3. The exploration of the senses and the recognition of pleasure in all of them leads to a connection with you. Have a moment from the reflection and knowledge of you. These moments are part of the tantra to know you.

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In conjunction with the regulation of breathing you can perceive the processes that happen in your body and control them in such a way to live orgasm in a different way or even control male ejaculation.

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Tantric sex is based on the enjoyment of sexual activity and sensations. To stop looking at orgasm as the goal and enjoy the journey.

We invite you to try it!