5 Reasons Why You Need Lube In The Bedroom

5 Reasons Why You Need Lube In The Bedroom

December 20, 2019

5 Reasons Why Lubricant is Essential

When it comes to having the best pleasure possible, at Bunny Leisure Adult Centre we recommend that in your bedside drawer; you should have alongside your Moisturiser, Condoms, Tissues and Massage Oils - Quality Lubrication.

The proper lubrication should form part of your Sex Toy Essentials kit because it is great for everything from a quick hand-job to a long romp on a cold winter’s night, and here’s why.

1. Lube helps you get ready for sex without pressure

Getting wet enough to allow penetration is important and is often just as much mental and physical work as an erection.

Being cold, nervous, tired or just taking a while to warm up can contribute to ‘dryness’, and therefore pain or discomfort during penetration. I put dryness in inverted commas because it has a negative connotation of not being aroused or into sex, when in fact, not being wet can be an effect of all of the reasons listed and more. Sometimes dryness is just a symptom of having a vagina that does its own damn thing including self-lubricating and self-regulating. 

A slow sensual massage with a Lubricant or Massage Oil can help build your arousal while preparing your body for sex. 

2. Lube helps Libidos and Bodies Get In Sync

Everybody has their own libido and rarely will your arousal synchronise with someone else’s. One partner might be raring to go while the other may need more time. The physical “I’m ready” signs such as an erection or being wet often don’t line up. An erection can be a fickle, easily spooked friend that likes to come when it’s not needed and stay limp when it is needed.

Lube can help partners avoid the awkward timing battle of genitals by being a bit of a shortcut. If you’re not wet enough, help your vagina with a dollop of lube. If they don’t have an erection, stiffen things up with an encouraging blow job. Make oral foreplay a treat for yourself or them with a deliciously flavoured lubricant.

Remember, intimacy is best when both partners are ready.

3. Lube + Anal Sex = MORE FUN

This one goes without saying.

If you’re going to have anal sex, use a lubricant for anal sex. (and use lots of it). If you feel like you’ve probably got enough lube all over you, use more. Nobody has ever stopped during anal and said ‘jeez, I’ve used too much lube’.

4. Lube Makes Condoms Easier To Put On

Sex has a lot to do with flow, and if there’s one thing that can ruin it, it’s stopping to glove up. You’ve got to fiddle with the perforated edges, whip the condom out, and then finally roll it on.

Sometimes this can take away the spontaneity of the moment, especially if you suddenly cop the smell of latex, which your vagina isn’t a huge fan of.

To get things going again, it takes an awkward fumble of words and body parts. Return to your passion sooner with a generous slather of a warming lubricant.

Applying the lube along their penis help builds their arousal, and lets you both comfortably enjoy penetrative sex.

5. Lube Can Be Used For Other Things Too!

Lube isn’t just for penetrative sex.

As well as being a great aid for hand-related sex for, or masturbation, there are other uses for your handy little tube. People who get their period and struggle to use tampons or menstrual cups will find a little lube goes a long way in making insertion easier, especially with a cup, as they can be tricky.

For personal everyday use, it’s best to use a dermatologically tested lubricant.