July 11, 2021

Sexual attraction is a fundamental aspect of the relationship as a couple, as it helps us keep the flame alive to explore and enjoy intimacy. Do you wonder if that special someone feels the same desire as you? Then pay attention to this article, because we reveal 5 signs that there is sexual chemistry that will allow you, once and for all, to know if he really wants you.

If several of these signs are present between the two of you, congratulations! The sexual attraction between the two is served.

Effort to capture the attention of the other

One of the signs that there is sexual chemistry and physical attraction is the irrepressible desire we feel to capture the attention of the other. Whether it is through a conversation that may be interesting for that person, such as getting ready to look better or being much more fun to make him or her smile, what we want is for him or her to notice us whenever we are around.

Intense Looks

They say that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, and this is a great truth when it comes to sexual attraction. Even without noticing it, the gaze may betray us when someone attracts us, that is why we will always seek to maintain eye contact by sitting face to face or next to each other.

Keeping an intense and direct gaze during any conversation and looking for that physical approach are two clear signs that this person is seeking to be intimate.

Playful Rubbing

One of the easiest ways to express your emotions and desires towards that special someone is through touch. Light and spontaneous, rubbing and prolonged physical contact can reinforce the level of intimacy that exists between two people.

Whether you decide to provocatively rub her legs or gently rub your fingertips over her arms; Playful touching is an effective way to create sexual tension while you both get turned on. Provocative touch is one of the most powerful signs of sexual chemistry!

Magnetic Attraction

You already know that magnetic feeling you get when you see someone who instantly attracts you: you are met with an urge and an uncontrollable desire to be closer to that person. When you see someone who turns you on sexually, your body will react to respond to those sensations almost spontaneously.

Your sense of personal space changes when you are around someone who turns you on in a sexual way. You get much closer to speak to him, you don't care much about invading his personal space and you are excited about any casual contact. You have noticed? So the sexual attraction is undeniable!

You don't mind experimenting

Trusting your partner allows a greater sexual experience, so you will not be afraid to add new things to your intimacy when sexual attraction is strong.

Whether it's trying out a sex toy, creating a new role-play that turns both of you on or trying out some creative sexual positions. When the attraction is served, it is normal to enjoy each meeting to the fullest without fear of leaving the routine.

You do not mind experimenting because you feel safe by your side, but you also know that pleasure will be guaranteed.

It is not always easy to recognize the signs of sexual chemistry, but if you have detected several of these signs between the two of you, surely passion is the order of the day. What are you waiting to make that flame alive every day?