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5 Toys to Start Vaginal Stimulation

May 02, 2021

If you want to explore toys with internal stimulation or vaginal stimulation but are not yet attracted to giant dildos or vibrators, here we will guide you.

We know that for many people starting to experiment with a sex toy has been a challenge, perhaps because some still perceive it as strange to use a tool even if they have already had body stimulation alone or with a partner.

Many of the women and people with a vulva who have told us their doubts have chosen as their first toy some external stimulation, which gently caresses their vulva or clitoris, as they still do not feel determined to experiment with a dildo or vaginal vibrator.

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However, many others tell us that they would like to start experiencing vaginal penetration stimulation, but do not feel ready to introduce XLL vibrators yet.

It is necessary to begin to demystify that both a super large phallic member or toy does not guarantee an orgasm, it depends more on your exploration, rhythms, pauses that you identify as pleasant. If you like those sizes, that's great! But you can also start to identify sensations with some smaller and more flexible ones that will help you to recognize what you like the most.

So here is our list

Vibrators for vaginal stimulation

Satisfyer Mini Sparkling Darling

Isn't it a vibrating bullet? Sure and we love her for her cute and understated shape! But it will also allow you to explore little by little, just add a little lubricant and place its silicone tip (without cap) in the vaginal entrance, make small turns and it will allow you to feel the vibrations in this area. If you like them, you can continue with this one or a toy that allows you to investigate more deeply and comfortably.


5 Toys to start vaginal stimulation

We love! Because it is just a toy that allows you to stimulate the vulva and clitoris, but due to its long size, thin and round tip, you will begin to experiment at deeper levels. Cici gives you flexibility and support for vaginal manipulation, its vibrations start soft and rise to intense and thanks to the texture it has you can tilt it in order to caress your area or G-spot. It is very loved because it does not represent a vibrator. that intimidates or seems strange, but a mini one that can accompany you in these moments of pleasure. If you want a thicker next level, find SVAKOM Keri.



If you think that the above options are too thin or small for you, Beat is a thicker and longer bullet, and it has textures that will allow you to play. In addition, its intensity is stronger and is one of the basics that you should have in your pleasure box.

Satisfyer Magic Bunny

For those who know they want double stimulation, this vibrating rabbit will allow you to explore the vagina. And that's not all! Its small extension can be placed on the vulva and glans of the clitoris.

Its thickness allows it to rub against the clitoral bulbs when it is introduced and therefore its penetration is pleasant. It is one of the favourites, also for its small length but enough to explore your area or G-spot if you are only interested in stimulation in the vagina but not its small extension, meet Charming Smile.

Fun Factory Love

Best Toys to start vaginal stimulation


If you don't want a vibrator but you do want something to play with and accommodate in various positions and places, Amor will accompany you on this path. It is a silicone dildo with a suction cup to stick in the area you prefer.

Its size, shape and colour make it quite desirable, but its curved tip also allows it to go straight to the G-zone or point. Tip: If you want to make him vibrate or try a different stimulation, add a vibrating ring, play with his sensations and don't forget the water-based lubricant ... for more pleasure!

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