Are there different types of female orgasms?

April 15, 2021

When it comes to pleasure, it is immediately related to the experience of orgasm and how such a longed-for experience can be achieved.

And it is that the ways in which women feel orgasms are so diverse that there is talk of a classification that can list up to more than 10 types, such as:

  • Vaginal
  • Clitoral
  • G point
  • Anal Breasts
  • Nipples
  • Cervical
  • Point a U point
  • By sport
  • During dreams With substances and lubricants
  • And many more that we would never finish the list


Find out how to achieve a female orgasm?


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It should be mentioned that in reality there can be millions and millions of types of orgasm. Because there are as many types as women and people with vulva we exist on this planet.

This classification of pleasure has meant that the experiences of so many women are reduced to the stimulation of certain areas and what happens if one of them does not feel an orgasm when their breasts or nipples are touched? Or what if someone else does not feel the pleasure of even thinking that they caress their pimp anito? And the one who feels pain instead of pleasure when touching her cervix? Is it that your delicious feeling is invalidated by not having reached your g-spot or zone (female prostate) or by not having a squirt?

It is necessary that we stop setting goals to fulfill in enjoyment. Pleasure is a path that each woman travels differently and something new is learned on each path. Your pleasure is valid even if you feel it by having your eye tickled or your back being ripped.

They ask me a lot, is it that I have to stimulate my urethra (point u) to have an orgasm? No, the orgasm is unique. It is the maximum state of pleasure and is subjective. In other words, the orgasm that I experience is not the same that you experience. And it's OK.

The important thing is to identify the sexual stimuli that you find effective and attractive. Be it body movements or techniques according to your anatomy, generating the environments with the sensations that you like or bringing to your mind the most daring fantasies.

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Nor is it that we stop attending to these erogenous zones in women. Knowing our anatomy, physiology and how certain processes are lived gives us the power to identify what we each love , that we are capable and worthy of enjoying and enjoying. Therefore, it is important that you know these data :

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  • The contractions perceived in vaginal stimulation during penetration are actually generated by internal stimulation of the clitoris.
  • The anus has nerve endings even before touching the second sphincter and stimulation can be perceived differently as long as it is an attractive practice for those who wish to perform it.
  • In the cervix there is sensitivity, which is why in deep penetrations slight cramps in the abdomen similar to colic are felt . This can be pleasant for some women and perhaps unpleasant for others.
  • The nipples and breasts have different endings that make from a kiss to light bites are pleasant for various people, including men and people with penis.
  • Sport orgasms involve involuntary stimulation of certain areas in addition to the increase in chemicals and neurotransmitters. Whether or not it is an orgasm, exercise helps you release substances that feel super good .


Remember that information gives you the power to explore yourself, to recognize that your pleasure can be variable and changeable. The orgasms that you live are the real and valid ones, personalize them according to the areas or stimuli that give you sweet skin.