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Benefits of sex at Christmas

December 23, 2020

New Years coming, holidays, rest days and many people mention feeling an increase in sexual desire during Christmas. What could it be due to?

More time to establish pleasant encounters

Between the rush and pressure of daily work, the moments seem to be mostly in a hurry, these dates can be perceived as relaxing and the creativity of couples emerges, achieving more curious and pleasant encounters.

There is even a sale of erotic game kits to spend Christmas as a couple and put into practice sensory stimuli that range from softness to the touch, sounds, aromas and flavours. From the beginning of the month until December 25, you can experience a different game where penetration is not reached, so the desire and desire to accumulate spending a very nice Christmas Eve.

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Celebrations and Disinhibition

The time causes the mood of people to be perceived more relaxed, and if we add the celebrations that include food, alcohol and energy, it results in more open attitudes regarding sexuality and pleasure, at times we forget our fears, taboos, prejudices and many people flow naturally.

It should be mentioned that although the desire and enthusiasm are present, we should never forget about consent, especially in situations where alcohol does not allow expressing the reasons for a person to establish sexual contact. If two or more people express it explicitly, they can promote games even in the middle of Christmas dinner, have you ever imagined using a vibrator under control without the rest of the people around you knowing? Or dress up as a character? Do a sensual dance at the inn?

The ways in which sexuality is expressed are diverse, just don't forget about protection and self-care.

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We hope these points give you ideas to make this Christmas, we hope you have a happy holiday season from the Bunny Leisure Adult Centre team, celebrate with many pleasures and orgasms.