Rabbit Vibrators


October 19, 2020

A bunny vibrator offers double clitoral and G-spot stimulation. But why did they get so popular? Can they work remotely with the app?

We think it's great that you want to know more about sex toys that support your exploration of your pleasure, one of them is undoubtedly the very famous vibrating bunny, but surely you have asked yourself, what is it? Why are they so popular? And why should you have one in your pleasure drawer?

It's no secret that most people when imagining a sex toy, thick and huge phallic shapes come to mind that you would hardly leave with the naked eye.

Rabbit Vibrators

That is why a bunny breaks with the stereotype of a common vibrator since they are characterized by bright colours and fun shapes that encourage you to want to play with them and have a very pleasant time.

Its unique feature is that there are two extensions for double stimulation. The longer one can be inserted into the vagina while the smaller one can simultaneously stimulate the labia on the vulva and of course, your magical clitoris. Clitoral stimulation is satisfactory because it stimulates it both internally and externally, and allows you to play with different sensations. A rabbit vibrator also falls into the category of a g-spot vibrator due to its flexibility in stimulating this area.

These bunnies have become very popular, but knowing a bit about their history we can review that in 1998 Sex and City promoted them with its chapter "The Rabbit and the Turtle", where a doubtful Charlotte is shown about the use of sex toys, arguing that such a mechanical device could not provide the pleasure of being with a person. Her opinion changes when she knows the stimulation offered by a "Rampant Rabbit" to the point of not wanting to do any other activity other than spending a night enjoying herself.

This chapter of season 9 of the series, in addition to being one of the funniest, marked a peak in the sale of vibrating rabbits, since they were requested and sold out for months after this chapter.

And it is that in the end on TV women were shown talking about sexuality, how to live it and telling their doubts about pleasure and orgasms.


But what impact and lessons do this story leave us?

  • Make visible the autonomy of pleasure, which can be in any part of your body, senses, emotions or thoughts. Knowing your body and its various ways in which you can explore it promotes acceptance of your own sexuality.
  • Talking about sex toys and enjoyment is something that can remain visible and it is not necessary to hide, we can also learn from experiences of self-knowledge.
  • Self-stimulation and autoeroticism is not an uncontrollable addiction, it is part of giving you a space to dedicate to loving yourself and taking the power of being the owner of your body.
  • A sex toy, and of course a rabbit vibrator, can also be part of the game as a couple, it does not replace the contact that you can establish with a person, it is part of this path of knowing new ways of bonding and recognizing what can be pleasant for you and how to communicate it with your partner. Sexual satisfaction also involves sharing different experiences.

Without a doubt, vibrating rabbits have marked a revolution in how masturbation and self-knowledge look and are part of the most requested toys due to the various forms that currently exist. Even if you are interested in a toy for external stimulation, a vibrating rabbit can allow you to explore that area with gentle vibrations, and at some point try to introduce it.

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