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Edging: Guide to having more intense orgasms

February 23, 2021

Did you imagine that your orgasms could be more intense by simply stopping before reaching them? Edging is a technique that sexology specialists as well as pleasure educators have mentioned most frequently in body recognition. It consists of identifying the processes that your body goes through during its sexual response and just before you reach orgasm, stopping and stopping caressing or stimulating your genitals. It will also be necessary to stop some other stimulus such as kissing; pause the erotic movie or lower the volume of the music that is taking you to climax.

The excitement and therefore the blood flow will disperse when the stimulation is resumed and this time if you reach orgasm they may feel different or be extreme orgasms. This is due to the contractions that can accompany these processes.

But it can not only be due to a physiological reaction. Do you remember when you threw a few sashes with your sweetie and came home to finish what you started alone? How big were they? Expectation provokes us and psychologically also brings pleasure. 

Look at these 6 keys to prolong the male orgasm.

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Not everything happens on your genitals.

What should you consider to carry it out? we tell you:

  1. Whether you have a penis or vulva you can do it, since erections occur both on the penis and on the clitoris.
  2. It can be done alone or with a partner. For example, they can be tempted with a vibrator and just before orgasm comes, turn it off. Take a look at our sex toys for couplesBuy Womens Sex Toys online
  3. Learn to recognize your sexual response and how your orgasms are carried out: what you feel when you get excited, that tickling rush and how your body is tense on the verge of exploding. For this, you will require several sessions with your body and identify these aspects that accompany yours prior to orgasm.
  4. Once you know these factors you will be able to recognize a so-called “point of no return”. That moment when you know that a kiss, squeeze, movement or blow is what it will take for all that tension to overflow.
  5. At this point, is where you will stop. It will not be necessary to touch the body or continue with another type of stimulation. Erections of the clitoris or penis will relax. The body heat will ease and then you will be ready for the next round.
  6. You can repeat this process 2-3 times in a sexual encounter. It will be important that if you wish, you guide your body to orgasm when you decide, as this also helps you discharge through contractions. If this vasocongestion is not released it can cause pain or discomfort in some areas of the body.

Some points to take into account are:

  • The end or goal is not orgasm. In encounters with a person or with you, the journey is also enjoyed.
  • If this practice is frustrating for you, it is not mandatory to do it. There are many more situations that you can enjoy.
  • This type of exercise helps people who have difficulty controlling their ejaculation or who want to recognize what is happening in your body.

As always at Bunny Leisure Adult Centre, we are in favour of you knowing, exploring and enjoying yourself.