Female Ejaculation

Everything you want to know about Squirting or Female Ejaculation

October 19, 2020

If you made it to this article, congratulations! Your curiosity and interest in knowing more about your body or that of your partner and the different ways in which pleasure is experienced.

If you have not yet experienced or observed a Squirt or "female ejaculation", it is common that the mental image you have is an exuberant stream that soaks up sheets and everything around it, accompanied by wild screams from a woman or person with a vulva. Or at least that's what pornography has taught us.

So we are going to answer and demystify some of the most frequently asked questions about Squirt.

Q: What is a Squirt or female ejaculation?

Ans: It is the result of stimulation of the "female prostate" or Skene's glands, which expel fluid during some peaks of pleasure.

Q: Is it the same as a ?

Ans: We are separating and talking a little about anatomy and types of stimulation. The famous G-spot can be located vaginally, it is not so simple that this stimulation was achieved with a penis since it is an area with a rough texture that is located in the upper part. To get to that area you can try introducing hooked fingers upwards and caressing that area with the fingertips. When stimulated, it is likely that you feel the urge to urinate. If you continue this type of stimulation it can lead you to experience an ejaculation, however they are two different situations.

G-spot orgasm


Q: Exactly where does the liquid come from? Is it urine? In what quantity does it come out?

Ans: As we mentioned, the stimulation comes from the Skene or paraurethral glands, which indicates that they are very close to the urethra (where urine exits). As the stimulation rises, the liquid is concentrated and expelled. The liquid is colourless, odourless and does not stain. It is not urine or vaginal lubricant. The amount is variable in each person with a vulva and the stimulation they perceive. It is not always in jets, it can also be lived in small quantities.

vaginal lubricant


It is often thought of as urine for two reasons. The first is that the bladder is located a little above the G-spot (you can verify this in the first diagram) and by stimulating it, the bladder is receiving stimulation indirectly. The second is that Skene's glands are located so close to the urethra that it makes us think that the liquid came out there.

Although there is no rule out that at the time of expulsion a few drops of urine come out through the urethra due to the type of contraction you may have at the time of ejaculation, it does not mean that all the liquid is urine. You should not worry about staining or embarrassing yourself if it is urine, it is a reaction of your body to receiving different stimulation.

Q: How can I stimulate myself or my partner to experience ejaculation?

Ans: First of all remember that for the experience of eroticism is that you or your partner experience pleasure from all their senses, emotions and thoughts, without focusing entirely on the sexual organs. That the goal is not only to take yourself or lead her to ejaculation but the search for satisfaction. That said, make yourself comfortable. Consider going to the bathroom before to urinate, stay in an environment of trust and respect for yourself, because you are about to experience something very different. So no pressure or push! You can also take a towel, sheet or garment that covers the space where you will find yourself in case you have the fear of getting wet or staining. This way you will find yourself calmer.

Now yes, hands, fingers and/or play at work!

  1. Begin to explore sensations throughout the body to start the excitement and that your vagina is lubricated, you can also spend some time caressing your clitoris. Seeks to be very relaxed (or your partner, if you are accompanied)
  2. You can place a pillow on your hip to curve it up for easy access, press your back to the wall and squat or lie flat with your legs bent.
  3. Penis penetration is not necessary. You can use your fingers in the way we indicated at the beginning to stimulate G-spot. Remember that it is the rough area, you can distinguish it because it is different from the vaginal walls. You can touch it with the tips of your fingers. You can also make use of a curved toy; on our page, we have a special section of toys for the G spot
  4. Avoid doing it in a hurry or very hard, do it smoothly and at the pace that you consider best. You can also ask or mention to your partner if the pace and strength are right for you. If you start to feel like urinating, this is the right way, allow yourself to relax and let go.
  5. When you begin to perceive that there will be an expulsion to avoid contracting and try to push, the key is not to stop. However, if there is something that bothers you, it is better to stop and give an opportunity at another time. It cannot always be obtained the first time. You can do some other stimulation on your body so that ejaculation does not become an obsession. You can always bring yourself pleasure in the ways you already know.

Q: Is ejaculation the best thing about orgasms?

Ans: It depends on whom. Many times ejaculation is not synonymous with an orgasm, there may be ejaculation and women or people with a vulva may not experience it in a pleasant way due to fear, worry or discomfort that it may cause. While for some it may be the greatest of pleasures, for others not so much or not at all. Many may not even have lived it and show no interest in doing it, or have doubts if they all can. The answer to this is that everyone could experience it, however, it is not mandatory that it be. None is wrong, it is according to how you live it if you do not feel comfortable initially checking your vulva or you think that with your body you cannot reach it, you can always use a toy as support.

Remember that ejaculation is not everything, a satisfactory sexual encounter either with yourself or with someone will be more focused on exploring communication, trust, areas and practices that are personally perceived as pleasurable. Dare to explore your whole body, turn to your mind and without forgetting your emotions. Doing so is where you can find what you like the most.