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How to Choose the Ideal Sex Toy For Your Christmas Exchange

December 22, 2020

If you have thought about sending orgasms with sex toys but you do not know how to choose the ideal one for that special person, here we tell you.

Consider the personality to whom you want to send love and cuddling

At Bunny Leisure Adult Centre, we are working so that sexuality is viewed freely, satisfactorily, without taboos or prejudices. We know that there are different perspectives of how I know I live, many people may be beginning this path of recognising their pleasure, of looking at themselves and exploring themselves and some others may already have identified the forms, rhythms and intensities they prefer.

For this, we have sections where you will find suggestions for a first toy or where you will find all our variety of vibrators.

We always say that a toy looks like a person who uses it, take a look and let yourself be guided by intuition and curiosity.

To give you more clues, continue the following steps:

What area is better to explore?

Many times we believe that adult toys have to be large phallic dildos, but you can see that there is a wide variety, it would be great to recognise what kind of stimulation that person would like.

  • Toys for the clitoris, are more of external stimulation in the vulva without having to introduce it, they can also be used throughout the body. The winner and very popular around the world has been our Twisted Deluxe Vibe, a clitoral sucker that has provided the favourite stimulation for many vulvas, although remember each one is different.
  • Rabbit vibrators have provided several orgasms by vaginal stimulation that offer and tilt zone or G spot, plus simultaneous vibration vulva and clitoris, are favourites for many people.
  • Anal sex toys are required for a pleasant stimulation, if you consider your secret Santa someone who explores new limits, check this section.
  • Remote control toys are the coolest thing to share as a couple, especially if the distance is still an important factor, it will undoubtedly be a gift that will be appreciated to give love at Christmas.

Consider your budget.

A sex toy doesn't have to be high-tech, there are several fair-priced basics to gifts that won't be forgotten. All of them with the best quality ranging from low to very strong intensities.


Visit our Christmas Sale section to find out selected products and assembled kits that you can choose according to who you want to give away, we have also included sex toys for men, people with a penis, and for couples at Christmas. Do not forget to review the area where you can choose its price. Think of the discretion and noise

Several people want to take their sex toy with them wherever they are or that they will not find it in their room, for this you can choose discreet toys that you could not even think that can bring intense climaxes. Ask about the quiet or lower noise mode, those who live with relatives or roommates may want something that is not heard throughout the house. Thanks for bringing and sharing the good vibes, happy holidays!