June 29, 2021

A good sex life with your partner takes time and dedication to keep the flame of passion alive despite the years. However, having great sex doesn't necessarily require spending hours and hours frolicking in the bedroom, and when it comes to intimacy, quality matters more than quantity, don't you think?

In this article, we share with you 4 keys to having better sex successfully, with tips for you to learn how to set the stage for action as a couple in order to get closer and keep your sex life as active as you have always wanted.

Costumes and role-playing games

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Add some fun to your night by dressing up for your significant other. For some, dressing up and stepping out of the role of "being yourself" can be a fun way to explore new settings in bed.

Role-playing games can also be fun while offering the opportunity to discover new sensations and pleasures. Regardless of whether you decide to do something simple or want to show off an elaborate costume, role-playing games are a great way to add a touch of fun to the sexual act in a lighthearted and provocative way. Why don't you dare to try it from time to time?

And if you add some sex toys to the experience, then you will be able to elevate the encounter to a really exciting level.

Work out more

Exercising is a good way to improve your sex life. Not only does it stimulate the body, nervous system, and brain, it also helps you become more aroused and more receptive to having better sex with your partner.

Incorporating exercise into your daily routine is a good way to strengthen your cardiovascular system, improve your circulation, and get the blood flowing to all the right parts to spend a wild night.

You will see how being fit you will be able to try new things in bed, including some creative sexual positions that will demand a little more agility and with which you will surely elevate each encounter to another level.

Offer him a massage

Sensually touching your partner is one of the most relaxing and erotic things you can do. And if you add one of the Durex massage gels to stimulate sensations, then the experience can become unforgettable. Pleasure guaranteed!

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This simple act not only helps to keep you connected, but it can also contribute to experiencing very intense orgasms, giving both of you a much more delicious sexual experience.

When you touch your partner in a sensual way, a hormone called oxytocin is released, which increases sexual desire and strengthens the bonds between you, allowing you to enjoy a moment of passion and intimate sex.

Explore your fantasies

Talking about your fantasies is a good way to incorporate a bit of mischief into your encounters, it will also allow you to get to know your partner better and explore new forms of pleasure together.

Fantasies can also be carried out as games to have better sex and you should not feel ashamed of enjoying in the sexual sphere certain things that you find exciting. Of course, remember to go slowly at first and use your imagination to maintain sensuality.

These tips to improve your sex life and have better sex will allow you to add a little spice to your encounters, elevate your relationships to a new level and make you both enjoy the most. Don't wait any longer and put them into practice!