If Your Girlfriend Wants to Use a Sex Toy

If Your Girlfriend Wants to Use a Sex Toy

March 16, 2020

Sex toys becoming a more accepted part of modern day sex culture, it’s important for men & women should not to feel intimidated by the technology and instead view them as a valuable tool for enhancing physical intimacy within their relationship.

If your girlfriend suggests that she would like to try using a vibrator, it’s important not to feel upset that you are not satisfying her in the bedroom. This is not the case. For a lot of women, orgasming during sex is not easy, regardless of how much they are enjoying the intimacy.

For most women, extra stimulation is often needed for orgasm. Sex toys are intended to assist women to climax. If your girlfriend does suggest using a sex toy like a vibrator, a rabbit or a dildo you should see this as an opportunity to empower her and take an active role in helping her achieve a higher level of pleasure.

In reality, using toys like  vibrators or even anal plugs are no different to using handcuffs. Using a sex toy also allows you to have more control over her orgasms. You decide when to use it, how long to use it and what setting to put it on.

A lot of sex toys are made so that can use them. So, if your girlfriend suggests using one, don’t shy away from the opportunity, have a go and have some fun!