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Is penetration necessary for pleasure?

March 19, 2021

Recently we have been asked by many women if there is something negative about feeling more pleasure from external stimulation by stroking her vulva and clitoris instead of stimulating her vagina with fingers, penis or a sex toy.

Faced with this question and others related to whether penetration is necessary to enjoy, we respond with the following points:

It's okay if you just stimulate yourself "on the outside" and "don't feel so much on the inside."

Your clitoris is of a larger anatomy than just a button. This structure can be felt throughout the vulva, including the lips. So it is common for many women to feel more pleasure externally stimulating to insert something into their vagina. Well, either with caresses, movements or vibrations, the terminations are activated and erect.

Know where the clitoris is and how to stimulate it.

During penetration, what is stimulated is only one-third of the vagina. And although the clitoris is also touched internally, the stimulation can be considered less.

Some women prefer vaginal stimulation by stroking the G-zone or female prostate. For this, it is necessary that the inclination of the penetration is curved to stimulate this area. Remember that everyone can have different tastes and exploring this area may be incredible and necessary for some; while for others, it is perhaps better to ask what they perceive as pleasant.

If I am a woman and I share myself sexually with another vulva, is a dildo or a vibrator necessary to feel pleasure?

Women who have sexual practices with other women come up with the doubt as to whether it is necessary for them to insert something into the vagina.

And it depends of course on the tastes of the women and the couple. Penetration can mean body stimulation but also the exercise of control and domination roles that can be exciting for many people.

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However, it is also necessary to mention that sexual encounters go beyond how many frictions or closeness our sexual organs have. There are more practices that have to do with vulvar, oral, anal stimulation or only body contacts such as hugging or petting. But the aromas, flavours, fantasies and bond that you have with that person are also involved.

Confidence is part of exploring more alternatives to reinvent pleasure. And the possibilities for sharing are endless.

Find lubricants and stimulants within our essential products for enjoyment.

And how can I make penetration more enjoyable?

It is important to check that you can respect your preferences, that it is not an obligation to adapt to certain practices. With this in mind you can help yourself in some aspects:

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  • Take the excitement to the maximum. Fill yourself with caresses and sensory stimuli. Dare to new scenarios and forms until your body feels so hot and I wish that the sensitive areas in your vagina are erect and more receptive.
  • Use lubricant. The lubricant helps us to perceive a better sliding during penetration, be it penis, fingers, toy or some product.
  • Play with different rhythms during penetration and try positions and shapes that stimulate your G-zone. Remember to have curvature.
  • Don't just leave the pleasure alone at the moment of penetration. By itself you can limit all the experiences that you could enjoy. As it happens, combine with more stimuli or practices in other areas of your body.

Remember that we are not only what we feel in the vagina or penis. Reinvent pleasure.