August 09, 2021

Are you one of those who worries about how long you last in sex? You may be interested in knowing the tricks to last longer in bed because you reach orgasm faster than your partner or simply because you want to extend the enjoyment in your encounters much more and increase the pleasure.

In any case, keep reading, because if you want to last longer, this article is for you.

Tips to last longer in sex

In addition to enjoying your sexuality and maintaining an open and relaxed attitude, here are some recommendations to increase your stamina in bed:

Masturbate and learn to control your ejaculation

Masturbating, in addition to providing you with pleasure, helps you to know your own body, to know what you like the most, what the least, and, ultimately, it allows you to control your arousal more and the moment in which you ejaculate. Practice: When you feel like you are about to ejaculate, stop. Interrupt stimulation to delay ejaculation for as long as you can. With this exercise, little by little, you will gain greater control of your arousal. “ Is masturbation good for me? ", of course! Self-knowledge is just one of the benefits of masturbation.

Say yes to foreplay

Preliminary games are all those contacts, caresses, kisses, massages and everything you can think of that you can do to start an intimate relationship. It is positive to dedicate some time to these games because they will allow you to last longer in sex and increase the excitement little by little. It is also important to take them into account because many times relationships are too focused on penetration and it is forgotten that the preliminaries in sex can be very helpful to achieve a pleasant relationship for both.

Opt for sexual positions to delay ejaculation

Another option that will allow you to last longer in sex is to choose certain sexual positions to delay ejaculation. They are positions in which the penetration is shallower, which favours you last longer without ejaculating. An example is the well-known "little spoon" in which, both lying on their side and looking in the same direction, the penetration is done from behind. Your partner sitting or lying on you and, in general, all those positions that allow her to control the intensity and depth of penetration help you last longer in bed.

Use condoms to prolong the pleasure

Condoms, in addition to helping you maintain safe intercourse, can be used to delay ejaculation. Get it with these Durex options:

  • Durex Mutual Climax: These condoms accelerate your partner's orgasm while delaying yours. They are made of natural latex and on the outside, you will notice that they have a relief based on points and stretch marks. Its shape is anatomical, they are elastic and easy to put on and include a Performa lubricant, which serves to delay ejaculation, thanks to its benzocaine content.
  • Durex Prolonged Pleasure: also due to the Performa lubricant with benzocaine, sexual intercourse can last much longer, so both of you will enjoy great pleasure. They are natural latex condoms, smooth, and with an anatomical shape that makes them very easy to put on and use.

Wear a cock ring, a great ally!

The pleasure ring is a sex toy that can help you last longer in your relationships since it serves to maintain the erection and firmness of your penis for longer so that you and your partner will enjoy sex even more. You just have to place it at the base of the penis. It is compatible with condoms, soft and very elastic. In addition, the ring is waterproof and you can wear it up to six times.