Sex Toy Cleaning and Care Guide

Sex Toy Cleaning and Care Guide

April 25, 2022

How to clean sex toys?

For the care of sex toys, it is necessary to review the material from which they are made, such as medical silicone or ABS plastic. All our sex toys are made of medical silicone and those with a vibration motor are rechargeable by USB cable, so this guide is based on these characteristics.


Having a sex toy requires some care to keep it as wonderful and useful. Take these tips into account to clean and keep your vibrators working. And always check your washing before and after each use.


How to wash them?

Sex Toy Cleaning Tips

Check the contact they can have with water. 

  • Some sex toys are only waterproof, which means that getting a little wet will be fine. However, unless they indicate that they are waterproof or submersible, you will not be able to take them into the bathroom or bathtub with you.


  • Preferably neutral liquid soap without intense aromas. Well, the chemicals could damage your material. 
  • Bar soap, so that you make a little foam with your hands and with it you clean easily. Make sure to rinse it well as it could leave slight stains.
  • For extra hygiene or if you need quick, handy disinfection, use a sex toy disinfectant spray . This type of spray can be used on any sex toy regardless of whether it is made of plastic or silicone and even come into contact with the mucous membranes of your genitals, so it can also be used on the body.


  • Disinfectant gels
  • Shampoos and soaps with chemicals
  • Perfumes and fragrances with alcohol

What lubricants and stimulants can be used?

Whoops! Complementing your games with lubricants and stimulants increases your pleasure. 


Check that the ones you use are always water-based. They may even have some flavor and aroma, but this way you make sure they are compatible with your sex toys.

What things should I avoid when taking care of my sex toys?

  • Lubs and oil or silicone lubricants as they can damage the material
  • Edible or massage oils


For more pleasure! Discover: What are sexual stimulants and how are they used? 

Can they be used with condoms?

Taking care of your sexual health is also important. If your products are occupied by you alone, there is no problem in using them without a condom. 


However, if at any time you share them with another person, it is important to use a condom or latex barrier to prevent the transmission of fluids to the sex toy.


Where to keep them?

We know that a phallic vibrator cannot be seen by everyone, so take this into account:


  • A cloth bag or box to store your toy
  • A lint-free cover or sock that can stick to the product


  • Expose them to the sun and dust
  • Contact with substances containing alcohol
  • The friction between various medical silicone sex toys can damage its material over time.

Some additional considerations:

  • Non-motorized vibration and silicone sex toys can also be placed in boiling water for 2 min to sterilize. Especially the anal plugs.
  • Never wet or use a sex toy while it is connected to power.
  • Do not immerse battery powered vibrators.
  • Always use the charger of your product and try to reach a full charge.
  • Avoid rubber sex toys altogether and if the material looks disintegrated or leaking any liquid from the internal battery.