Sex Toys For Men

Top 3 Best Sex Toy Options For Men

March 06, 2020

Sex toys for men are getting fancy and at Bunny Leisure we are listing the Top 3 Best Sex Toy Options for Men!

1. Masturbators

The word “masturbators” is never strange in the men sex toy category. While all of them come in an enclosed cup shape to simulate the sensation of a vagina, masturbators have become more advanced and fancy.

One of those are the change in internal shapes. Now more than just tight holes, there is now more detailed textures to be experienced which offer a more realistic sensation of a vagina, butt or mouth!

At Bunny Leisure our Masturbator Sex Toys are designed based on famous Porn Stars so you can enjoy your next sexual adventure with the Porn Star of your dreams with Mouth Masturbators, Butt Masturbators and Vagina Masturbators.

For a more simplified yet human-like feeling, some masturbators also feature warmth without the need to soaking in warm water before use.

2. Cock Rings

Cock rings can be used for both self-relief and couple fun. A cock ring helps you retain blood within the penis to maintain an erection and sensitivity making for a more pleasurable penetrating experience for the man and their partner.

At Bunny Leisure we stock a wide range of Cock Rings For Men that incorporate vibrations to further enhance the sexual enjoyment. During couple sex, the vibration from the cock ring is more than exciting the penetrating side. In deeper physical contact, the vibration of the ring can also stimulate the partner to reach maximum pleasure together.

We also stock Penis Rings that offer double penetration with an additional object below the cock ring to stimulate the ass of partner at the same time as the stroke from the penetrating side. These Couple Sex Toys can double the enjoyment and double the fun in a great night.

3. Sex Dolls

Sex Dolls are made for the purpose of masturbation while also fitting for those who are bored with only stroke actions (unlike masturbators or cock ring pleasure).

At Bunny Leisure we stock an array of Sex Dolls For Men in various sizes with many different features. Less space-required options include just the lower part or the boobs to give the illusion of having real sex. 

With the butt, the curves and boobs, these are the absolute best solution for a fantasy pleasure time and are one of our most popular products at Bunny Leisure Adult Centre for Male Sex Toys.