What are sexual stimulants and how are they used?

What are sexual stimulants and how are they used?

December 15, 2020

We all want to increase pleasure, explore to feel more in our encounters with ourselves or in the company of someone, so sexual stimulants accompany us to try new sensations and make them part of the game that will make us enjoy our eroticism more.

What are stimulants and how do they work?

They are oils, balms, creams or gels that we can use on the skin and some on the mucous membranes of the genitals, most contain active ingredients that cause sensations of heat and increase blood flow, therefore they help the nerve endings to activate, some organs such as penis and clitoris are erect and that some areas are more sensitive.

Some sexual stimulants for women also help increase lubrication, making the glide more pleasant.

Some have components with aromas, flavours and sensations of cold or heat when you feel your partner's breath.

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How should they be placed or used?

In most of these, only a small drop is required, which you can rub on your fingers so that you do not feel intense cold on your body or that of your partner. Avoid applying directly, surround the area from the outside in and play with small kisses and caresses when applying them to the area.

What are the types that exist and what to expect?

  • Clitoris stimulating balm, considered a popular female sexual stimulant, is a gel for application to mucous membranes, you can feel the heat and a little more sensitivity, it is likely to erect a little more and stick out to ask for more caresses and pleasure.
  • Gels and lubricants for finger masturbation cause better lubrication without sticky or tedious sensations and they have delicious flavours.
  • Massage oils provoke sensations throughout the body and your sensuality with massage with effects of heat and shine, your skin may bristle with the substance and movements that you apply.
  • Stimulants for oral sex, with fresh taste or sensations or to increase saliva while playing with your mouth, all of them are part of enjoying this practice more and intensifying it.
  • Gels for anal sex, some apart from helping in lubrication also contain natural substances to desensitize areas that can hurt during anal penetration.
  • Aromas, we all like aromas that contribute to an environment where the skin absorbs and highlights these substances, let's not forget that the stimuli are also found in all senses.

Can they be used with a condom and in sex toys?

Check that they are made of water-based, if it is the case, they can be used with any condom for penis or vaginal, in addition to being used with sex toys, without a doubt a moment to enjoy where health is part of the pleasure.

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Why are they so sought after?

Recognizing that our eroticism is diverse and that pleasure is based on beyond body contact or penetrative activities, is to realize that sexual stimulants involve a game with a partner or alone, the complicity of consenting, pampering and seeing our body as a whole combined with sensations and emotions it can make us enjoy our encounters much more.