What Does Sexual Health Mean

What Does Sexual Health Mean?

December 12, 2019

What Is Sexual Health?

Sexual Health is an important topic and often is overlooked when it comes to play time sometimes, because we get caught up in the moment when that rush kicks in and takes over our sexual desires and urges.

At Bunny Leisure we want our customers to play safe by making sure they have the Sex Essentials so you can embrace and safely enjoy your sex life wherever that may take you.

'Sex' is an emotional connection to us at Bunny Leisure Adult Centre sex is more than wham-bam-thank-you-mam-or-sir it's a connection between two (or more, whatever tickles your fancy) human beings and includes respecting each others boundaries and recognising the responsibility we share with each other.

The important ‘Health’ part we are referring to includes making responsible, informed decisions to ensure STD prevention, treatment and cure as well as unwanted pregnancies. It also includes discussing sexual health with partners and healthcare professionals.

Having sex comes with responsibilities if it is to be done in a safe, respectful manner and that is why at Bunny Leisure we have a wide range of Condoms, lubricants to help you approach the topic of sexual consent and enjoy yourself without worrying about some of the potential risks.

STDs are preventable diseases that can be managed, treated and cured if properly and frequently checked by your doctor. Most STDs come with warning signs and symptoms, whilst some have none so it is important to have regular sexual health checks at your closest Sexual Health Centre or simply by asking your Regular GP - don't be embarrassed about asking your doctor; because they have sex too!

The main thing to remember is that every STD has a prevention. 


Condoms help prevent unwanted pregnancies as well, but they are the most effective form of preventing STDs. 

Regular testing 

Seeing your doctor can help in identifying if you have contracted one, and then you can begin treatment. An STD check should be performed at least once a year, and preferably, asap after unprotected sex or getting a new partner. 


This is another key point. Learn the information given out, while you may be happy to share your sexual history and any STDs with a new partner, they may not. By researching STDs, and knowing what could be a sign of one, you can save yourself from the pain of contracting one. 

We recommend you check out the MayClinic.org website for information on STD's to help you better understand the importance of safe sex here:


And if you are looking for products to help you enjoy Safe Sex so you can have more sex; check out our Essential Sex Toys collection.