Where and how to stimulate the clitoris?

February 02, 2021

Applause and cheers because more and more of us know that the clitoris is the most sensitive area of ​​the anatomy of pleasure in women and people with a vulva. Everyone wants to know him, stimulate him and enjoy orgasms with his stimulation, but how to start? How to find the clitoris? Do you know how it is? What function does it have? Here we tell you.

What is the clitoris for? It is not only a point to touch.

Many people believe that the clitoris is just a small point located on the upper part of the vulva and that it is covered by the lips of the vulva. And yes, there is the most sensitive area that is the glans, but in reality, it is only the head of a whole structure that surrounds our genitalia and what makes it an area of ​​great pleasure.

The clitoris is made up of bulbs and roots that, in addition to being erect, can be perceived as pleasurable sensations caressing the lips and massaging the entire vulva.



How to play it?

  • The important thing is that you consider caresses with a rhythm and intensity to your liking, not always more intense means more pleasure. Try light caresses on the lips, lubricate your hands and fingers and just slide with your fingers in the form of a clamp, increase the intensity and speed as you identify sensations.
  • Provides small taps with the fingertips near the glans of the clitoris.
  • Place your full and lubricated hand and gently squeeze your vulva, you can also move your hand from side to side.
  • Provide light patting on the lips and at the vaginal entrance, add lubricant and with a finger surround your labia and the glans of the clitoris.

How can I increase the sensation in my clitoris?

Play with different temperatures and types of lubricants and stimulants.

The most recommended are water-based lubricants, among them you can find some neutral ones, with taste or thermal sensation. The latter can provide heat or cold when applied and adding light puffs with a mouth.

As the sensations and temperature increase, they can be perceived more pleasant, therefore some can be perceived very hot. It is necessary to add only the amounts indicated in each product.

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And does penetration then feel pleasant?

It happens that observing the anatomy of the clitoris in excitement, the roots and bulbs swell, which implies that during vaginal penetration they are stimulated internally.

That is why women enjoy inserting a penis, fingers or toys in their encounters, in addition to the game that it involves as a couple.

Also, a recommendation is the combined stimulation while stimulating in the vagina it combines caresses and rhythms in the vulva surrounding your clitoris.

5. What toys are best for clitoral stimulation?

Vibrating bullets are highly recommended for their small shapes and low to heavy vibrations. It allows to surround the glans and increase the intensity of the caresses. As well as exerting quite nice pressure points.

Massagers, or layons, are the most intense in vibrations, and their broader shapes allow them to be placed in most of the vulva to know all the sensations that can spread throughout its anatomy.

Those that offer combined stimulation like vibrating rabbits, C-shaped couple toys like vibrating rings. Since they allow you to receive stimulation in the vagina while at the same time stimulating the vulva and clitoris.

Here you will find recommendations for our toys and vibrators for clitoris. Now that you know all this information, go explore and tell us what other ways you can stimulate him.