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Will a sex toy make me feel less sensitive?

April 09, 2021

I have seen, heard and read that if I use a vibrator for a long time, my body will get used to so much stimulation and will become so numb that later I will need the super turbo plus because my little hand and fingers will not be the same. I will always want more. Is that true Bunny Leisure Adult Centre?

Doubts like this come to us all the time. I understand your anguish and concern. For a long time, women have been limited in observing, feeling and recognizing our pleasure. And when little by little we are discovering ourselves capable and worthy of enjoyment we think: Now my clitoris will go numb! I will no longer feel my more than 8 thousand nerve endings! How can I reach orgasm?!

It doesn't sound so illogical. Especially, because if you have already tried a sex toy you will notice that the experiences are usually pleasant to the point of not wanting to stop.

And let's not do it, perhaps there has come a time where from playing so much you have perceived numbness or even pain because the intensity you applied was too much.


So let's solve this question at several points:

  1. Feeling pleasure is your right. You deserve to enjoy yourself to the point of recognizing how much you are capable of feeling. Enough has been the fear and guilt regarding sexuality to add more for having found your enjoyment. Calm down, this will also be exploring you, you don't need to add another fear. Maybe just consider a few recommendations.
  2. Self-discovering your pleasures can be a different path. It is fine whether you started masturbating with your body contact or if a sex toy supported you in this. Only now that you know what vibrations or pulsations can give you, don't stop contacting you. Explore your skin and sensitive areas with your hands and your toys. Fill yourself with love for yourself. That's what autoeroticism is about. Show you how sensual and enjoyable you are. Meet our section on sexual stimulants.
  3. If you've already noticed numbness or rubbing pain, relax the stimulation a bit. Relax, your clitoris will not fall or you will not stop feeling. If it causes discomfort, apply a little cold water and keep it for a couple of days without stimulation. When you start over, start small and give yourself the opportunity to switch to low intensities.
  4. Combine different stimuli. Don't just focus on the bodily ones. Give your senses a moment, combine aromas, music, sounds in addition to your fantasies. Although our clitoris is super sensitive, we also feel pleasure through other means.
  5. A sex toy will not take away the sensations. Sexual encounters and autoeroticism are pleasant due to the moments you provide to be with yourself or your partner. The exploration allows you to know what you love and to know the ways in which you will discover yourself with the power to feel your body enjoy to the fullest.

Learn to diversify your pleasure and allow yourself to enjoy!