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Adding Lubricant to any sex toy kit is essential, whether you are playing solo or with others - the perfect Lube and Oils enhance sensations!

At Bunny Leisure we love bringing people together, whether they are straight, gay or bisexual lovers with a passion for liberation and sensual romance and making sure you are well stocked with the essentials such as Lubricants and Massage Oils ensures you are having the best sex ever.

We have a tailored range of Lubricants to suit every sexual adventure including vaginal & anal specific lubes in different flavours & quantities with long-lasting moistness. Our Lubricants are specifically chosen to be safe for all skin types, safe on your sex toys & safe for your sheets!

Our Massage oils are also specifically chosen to add that extra bit of SPICE to your sexual pleasure with relaxation combined with the scent of flowers or berries! Why not give you partner a massage, light some candles and put on some soft sensual music and take your lover on a lustful journey.

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