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Play Hard. Play Safe. Stay In the Moment with our Extensive and Exciting Range of Condoms, Sex Enhancers & Lubes!!

At Bunny Leisure we love bringing people together, whether they are straight, gay or bisexual lovers with a passion for liberation and sensual romance and making sure you are playing safely is important to us - that is why we stock the most extensive range of exciting Sex Enhancers & Lubes  and condoms (flavoured and coloured!).

We have a tailored range of Condoms for Men and Women to suit every sexual 

We also recommend you explore our Sex Enhancers & Lubes  and find a wide range of enhancers and lubes suitable for you. that we have specifically chosen because they are safe for all skin types, safe on your sex toys & safe for your sheets!

Satin smooth massage oils and lube provide comfort for soothing and arousing foreplay. Stay in the moment with creams, sprays and tablets that increase your libido, sensitivity and stamina. When hygiene is a concern, there are douches and enemas as well as condoms and sex toy cleaner for your adult products. 

FREE SHIPPING  for any Adult Sex Toy anywhere in Australia.

FREE GIFT with any purchase of Adult Sex Toy.

Enhance your experience and find a wide range of enhancers and lubes suitable for you.