Marc Dorcel Clea Desires of Submission

Marc Dorcel

Cléa Gaultier is madly in love with Jean Lefort, her Master. She would do anything to fulfill all his fantasies. Her love for him is so exclusive that Cléa can’t stand him initiating other submissives. Unlike Jean’s other submissives, Cléa isn’t shy and she gladly accepts to do everything her master tells her to do. Getting fucked in the ass by two men in a swingers S&M club seems so natural that she does it without a frown right in front of Jean and Claire Castel, a former submissive of his. Claire, very excited by what she sees wastes no time joining the party.

Totally overwhelmed by the situation, Jean tries to calm things down by sending his protegee to Philippe Soine, a retired Master. He had to withdraw from the S&M world after falling in love with one of his own submissives. Along with Claire, Cléa goes on vacation for a few days to Philippe’s property in the Normandy region. There, she expects to meet new people and make new experiences. She doesn’t imagine how much this stay out of her comfort zone is going to change her whole life.

As soon as the two young women have set foot in Philippe’s house, the old Master takes things over control and order Cléa to undress in front of him in his photo studio. Quickly, he leaves her alone in the dark. Destabilized, Cléa starts feeling the hands of a stranger all over her body. Although she may never see that man again, Cléa is totally offered and gives him a blow job he will remember for a very long time.

The following morning, during a conversation with Claire, Philippe realizes that the two women didn’t just pay him a visit to relax far from the busy Parisian life. He quickly understands that Jean had sent him Cléa so that the young woman could become his new submissive. Pretending an important meeting back in Paris, Claire leaves Cléa alone with her new Master.

Now that her training is over, the pretty blonde is now free to live her own fantasies, her own desires. Tonight, her sex drive leads her to an almost empty highway parking. There, she meets a stranger to whom she completely surrenders. Without any foreplay, the man enjoys the moment with that woman who just wanted satisfy her impulses, without any long term promises.

Since he stopped his career as a Master, Philippe is now a full time photographer and his work is very much appreciated by connoisseurs. During a diner with Pascal and Mariska, two potential buyers, Philippe and Cléa tell their hosts that their special relationship is mainly based on trust. Intrigued and excited at the same time, Mariska then accepts to play lesbian games with his guest’s submissive.

Once Philippe and Cléa are gone, Pascal and Mariska were so turned on by their guests’ stories that it doesn’t take long before they start making love on the dinner table. You can bet they hadn’t had such an intense sex session for a very long time.

Now that Philippe has found his taste for domination back, he decides to take Cléa to a swingers’ club he knows very well so that she can prove him that she’s worthy of really becoming his new submissive. The young woman will surrender to four men who will enjoy all her holes until the final climax. Despite the change of location and her new Master, Cléa quickly falls back into her past habits and becomes the ultra-possessive woman she once was all over again.

After Claire Castel and Lana Rhoades, it’s Cléa Gaultier’s turn to play the main character in the third episode of the submissive series. Marc Dorcel’s very own contract girl embarks on the journey to the world of submission and domination. This trip is about to change her whole life… forever.


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