Petals Of Passion - Romatic Kit

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The Petals of Pleasure Romantic Kit will instantly ignite passion in the bedroom.

Surprise your partner on Valentine's Day, Sweetest Day, Your Anniversary, or at any spontaneous time! Spice things up in the bedroom and rediscover that Passion when you first laid eyes upon each other!

The Petals of Passion Romantic Kit includes; Over 100 Unscented Rose Petals, Two gently colour changing candles made from platic for endless use (3V Lithium Battery included). One Soft Coated White Multi Speed Vibrator (Vibrator battery not included), One 10ml Pack of Strawberry Flavoured Warming Lubricant and One 10ml pack of Tight Lips Tightening Cream.

This amazingly sensual kit can be used in the Bedroom, Bathroom, during a romantic getaway or any place you can imagine.

Kit Inculdes:

  • 100 Unscented Rose Petals
  • 2 Plastic Colour Changing Mood Candles
  • 1 Soft Coated Multi-Speed White Waterproof Vibrator
  • 1 10ml Pillow Pack of Strawberry Warming Lube
  • 1 10ml Pillow Pack of Tight Lips Tightening Cream