Silky Light Lubricant (75ml)


Probe Silky Light formula is designed to mimic human saliva & provide a silky, thin layer of lubrication for direct sensation of skin surfaces. For those who enjoy feeling ridges & convolutions while gliding over skin.

Over the past several years an increasing body of research focused on interaction between
commercial lubricants and biological cells has produced guidelines for avoiding harm and
attempting to mitigate the spread of disease.  These guidelines are summarized by the World
Health Organization (WHO) as part of their lubricant procurement process for condoms.

WHO determined that the primary physical characteristic for choosing a safe water-based
lubricant is osmolality, a measurement of concentration.  Cells can be damaged by osmolal
extremes; high osmolality cause cells to shrink, while low osmolality causes cells to swell
and possibly burst.

WHO based their decision, in part, on independent research involving (41) commercially  
available lubricants.  This research discovered that the majority of lubricants tested were at
osmolal extremes.  Only Probe personal lubricant and the test control were not found extreme.